Database Driven Sites

When your web site needs are more complicated and you have a large amount of information to store and manage, a web site that uses a database "back end" may be the solution. Database "driven" sites are useful when information needs to added or purged on a regular basis, when the nature of the site content requires restricted access, and when you want users to be able to make accounts or upload information for display on the web. In our Project Profiles, both the Komatsu and CCI Finance sites are good examples of the capabilities database driven site provides.

A primary advantage of a database driven site is that much of the common maintenance of a site (adding pictures, documents, approving users, etc.) can be handled by in-house staff, typically at a savings when compared to paying an html programmer for the modifications. The changes are also done at your convenience and are live to Internet visitors immediately.

Database sites do have a greater up front cost than a straight HTML site but, once up and running, the savings of your own employee's time or the time of a consultant will pay off in the long run. We will review your goals for your web site and help you understand the best avenue to take, based on your needs.