Smart Phone Email

Phone Settings

Even if you use Outlook as your primary email client, you can still receive email on your smart phone. All you have to do is set up your smart phone's email using the same "incoming" server mail settings as you use in Outlook.

The "outgoing" server, or SMTP, settings may be the same as your incoming, or your phone provider may have a special setting for the SMTP.

NOTE: many systems will automatically make your user name the email address portion left of the @ sign. For instance, when adding to the phone, the setup wizard may automatically make the user name "dan"....when, in fact, the user name may be "dbmb1" or similar. Just check the settings as you go.

Settings in Outlook

It is important that the setings in Outlook are correct or your ability to receive mail can be affected. When receiving emails, Outlook is set to delete the email from the server as soon as you download to Outlook. When gettting email on a smart phone, we set up Outlook to keep emails on the server for one day so that your phone will always get email before Outlook deletes it from the server.

At first, deciding to "Leave a copy of the mail on the server" seems like the thing to do...but unless set up correctly, the email will build in size on the server to a point that the system will no longer work. So, please set up as described below!

While in Outlook, click the Tools link at the top of the Outlook screen, on that menu you will see a link named either “Email Accounts” for Outlook 2003 or “Account Settings” for Outlook 2007. Click on that.

If your link was “Account Settings”, then a window will open that has a list of your email accounts under “Name”. If your link was “Email Accounts” then when the next window appears you will click “Next” to View or Change Existing Accounts. Then you will also see the list of accounts under Name.

Double click on the account name for the email address you are working with (you probably will only have the one account listed).

When the next widow opens you will see a lot of account settings and in the lower right hand corner area of the window you will see a button called “More Settings”…click that.

Next a window will open that looks like the one below, though you will have to click on the “Advanced” tab to see this information.

Near the bottom you will see the section called “Delivery”. (disregard any of the other settings above the Delivery area)

As shown in the first image below, if you are also receiving your email on your smart phone, then check the “Leave a copy of messages on the server”, then make sure “Remove from server after:” is checked and the days setting is 1. Do not have the “Leave a copy” checked without the “Remove after “ checked and set to 1 day, and do not set the Remove after to more than one day.

If you do not get email on your smart phone, then see the second graphic below which shows that “Leave a copy…” is not checked at all.